Member Newsletter
We are looking forward to 2020 and another great year here at the Yacht Club!  We just wanted to update you on a few important items. 
(A) Repairs are still on going on the walkway / bulkhead in front of the office & pool area.  Restrooms are open, you just have to walk around to the street entrance instead of the water side. 
(B) NOW is the time to purchase HURRICANE HAUL OUT policies. Carolina Beach Boatyard next door to the Yacht Club is currently selling them and will be sold out in a few weeks. If you want information on how the policy works, you can reach Brandy at 910-707-1007. Please remember FPYC has a strict Hurricane Evacuation Policy so make sure you are prepared now. Do not wait until Hurricane season to plan for storms.   
(C) We realize winter may not be prime boating season, bringing in some very windy and rainy days, not to mention freezing cold ones.  Please make sure your boats are adequately moored and that the water is turned off (just in case the water lines freeze).  The FPYClub policy is to cut off the water lines to docks and bleed them if the temperature is forecast to be 32°F or below for 3 or more consecutive nights. The restroom and shower area water will remain on. 
As of February 1st all bills will go directly to slip owners including shore power, Ice, key fob deposits, dock damages, etc... We will no longer bill renters or auto draft their accounts for past bills. All power bills run one month behind so in February the slip owner will receive the power bill that was used at their slip for January. The meters are read usually the last week of each month and billed the following week of the next month.
Please make sure you turn in your new lease agreement to your slip owner well before the February 1st deadline to avoid interruptions in any marina privileges. Slip owner needs to have all information in our office by February 1st, 2020 including hurricane haul out plans and or policies for their renter.
Do you need to host a party soon? Ask Deborah or Rita about renting our clubhouse. It offers a full kitchen, plenty of tables and chairs and a full size TV that you can plug your fire stick, apple TV, games, etc… for your viewing pleasure. The cost is only $100 for the day and there is a $100 clean up fee if you do not clean the clubhouse when you are done.
Give the ladies in the office a call if you have any questions 910-458-4201